Friday, 3 August 2012

I Am "Losing" It

Every journey has its ups and downs. And obstacles. Two days after measuring my lack of progress, I hit my first two obstacles (no, it was not my fridge and the food inside). 

First, I started losing it. Not my temper and not my weight (as mentioned above). It was my hair! It is called Postpartum hair loss, and apparently there is nothing you can do about it. But no, I was determined to stop it. I bought this nourishing Coconut Milk shampoo and conditioner by Organix. While giving great shine and infusing with indulging smell, it did not help with hair loss. I started taking postpartum vitamin complex, stopped using hair dryer, and finally gave up and cut it short. The hair is still everywhere, but just much shorter strands.

Second, a slap from "scale goddess" - my scale broke. As if she was laughing at me - "Why do you need a scale? You won't get rid of it anyway." But no, I laughed back and went on a hunt for a new one. Have you shopped for scales recently? Oh my, they are so technologically advanced. Some even measure your BMI. I bought average priced digital scale and was done with the "scale goddess."

I felt I needed a motivation booster after all this trouble. I opened a box with carefully folded pre-pregnancy jeans. I took out the "biggest" size 3 pair and tried them on. They were dark denim with cute pockets in the back. I could zip up (while inhaling full lungs of air), but that top button just refused. This was perfect. I exhaled and felt even more pressure in my thighs and tummy. This was even better. There was no way I could wear these jeans anywhere if I still wanted to also breathe. This was it, the motivation I needed - I got anxious to lose this extra weight and wear those cute jeans. Oh yes!

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