Sunday, 9 October 2016

The Ultimate List of Indoor Fun with Kids in Ottawa

Beaverbrook Library. Photo: Doublespace Photography

This post was inspired by my family - I often wonder what to do with kiddos when I don't feel like doing crafts at home or just simply need to get out. Unfortunately, no online blog/source encompasses a full list.

Here is the list of places to go and things to do with kids under 10 when the weather is not permitting or you just don't feel like being outside.

Activities marked with SAVE$ are free or almost free. Enjoy!

  • Kindergym at select City of Ottawa Recreation Centres

Schedule can be found under Gymnasium schedule for each RC.
SAVE$: drop in $2.30 per child.

SAVE$: Children's area with books and puzzles/games or free drop-in program such as Babytime, Toddlertime,  or Family story time.

SAVE$ Enjoy Starbucks coffee and stay to read or play with trains and other toys.
Check with stores for specific program times.
Chapters Pinecrest
Monday to Friday - 10:30 am, Storytime

 Chapters Kanata, Kanata Centrum
Monday to Friday -10:00 am, Storytime

Indigo Barrhaven, RioCan Marketplace
Monday to Friday - 10:30 am, Storytime

SAVE$. Relax and recharge inside Bayshore's Lifestyle Lounge, located on level 3 by Moxie's. Enjoy kiddie rides, colouring pages, complimentary Wi-Fi, and massage chairs. With comfortable seating and room for strollers it is the perfect place for you and your family to unwind. 
Open Monday – Sunday, 9:00am-8:00pm.

Zazazoo plush animal rides ($5.65 for 10mins); SAVE$ animal farm toddler play area (free, for kids under 4).

SAVE$. Free Story Time is held every Monday in the empty unit next to Razzor Sports at 10am. Come join other families and enjoy some stories and sing-a-longs. Story time does not operate on Snow Days and runs throughout the year. 

Saltwater pools, Starbucks cafe, Zone 525 games room.
Drop-in during our regular season is $15 (plus tax) for adults and $4.42 (plus tax) for kids aged 5 & under per visit.

SAVE$: Join our Activities partner in Zone 525 for free family weekend activities  Each week we have a different selection of activities including; cookie decorating, science experiments, treasure hunts, crafts, movie nights and more. Check with our guest services team when you arrive for the latest schedule.

SAVE$: Free Smaland playroom up to 1 hour - must be toilet trained, socks; ability to understand basic English/French.Budget friendly meals at IKEA restaurant.

  • Ottawa Museums - Our Favourites:

Not completely indoor - but there are many indoor exhibits.
Canada Science and Technology Museum (re-opens in Fall 2017)
SAVE$: On Thursday evenings, admission to the permanent exhibits of the National Gallery of Canada and the Canadian Museum of Nature is free from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Admission is also free at the Canadian Museum of Historyand the Canadian War Museum from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

At participating locations.
SAVE$ Enjoy free play structure and coffee or a meal.

From the indoor playground to the parents lounge, every aspect of Kids Kingdom is designed with comfort and safety in mind.
Adults: $3
Kids 3-12: $16
Kids 1-2: $8
Kids 0-1: $5 – unless accompanying an older sibling
Mondays: Parents FREE!
Thursdays: 1/2 price ADMISSION! (ages 3-12)

Toddler area, jungle gym, climbing wall, mini golf, etc.
$12.99 admission to Jungle gym for kids 4+.

0-11 months: FREE 12-23 months: $13.99 2-3 years: $16.99 4-12 years: $19.99 13-17 years*: $19.99 Adults - $8.99

·        30 minutes:     $12.39+tx = $14
·        60 minutes:     $17.70+tx = $20
·        90 minutes:     $22.12+tx = $25
·        120 minutes:    $24.78+tx = $28
·        Kids (4yo and under) 30 minutes:   $7.08+tx = $8 (kids are only allowed in Kiddie Kourt)

Am I missing a fun place? Please let me know in comments!

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Рост Молочных зубов. Или как помочь малышу.

Рождение третьего ребенка еще раз подтвердило, что каждый малыш разный и по-своему переживает тот или иной период. Самым чувствительным к росту зубов оказался именно мой младший сын. Слезы, плач, слюни, плохой сон днем, просыпание ночью, качание на руках - все это и больше мы уже переживали более восьми месяцев. Первый нижний зуб прорезался в три месяца. А еще будет 19 зубов примерно до двух лет! За это время я перепробовала много разных методов, как помочь малышу справиться с такой болью. Надеюсь, эти трюки помогут и Вашему малышу.

Первые зубки третьего - в 3 месяца!

Итак, вот примерная схема когда они будут появляться.
Многие признаки появления зубов совпадают с простудными заболеваниями, но они примерно такие:
- слюноотделение
- малыш кусает, грызет руки или игрушки
- раздражимость и плач без причины
- припухлость десен
- понос/жтдкий стул
- температура - не превышает 38-39С не более 1-2 дней

Как именно прорезается зуб:

Ну и перейдем к самому главному. Как помочь малышу во время этого процесса.

Натуральные Средства

1. Резиновые и другие игрушки, которые можно "погрызть"

Chew Beads

2. Игрушки с водой (для холодильника/морозилки)

3. Замороженные (или холодные) кусочки фруктов в сеточке Munchkin Food Feeder

Отличные варианты - яблоко, виноград, банан, персик

4. Массаж десен - чистыми пальцами или с помощью пальчиковой щетки Finger Toothbrush

5. Чистые зубные щетки - малыши любят их грызть и чесать десны

6. Янтарные бусы Healing Amber Necklace 

Такие бусики продаются в любых детских специализированных магазинах (в Оттаве - Fab Baby Gear, Belly Laughs, Boomerang Kids) или онлайн SnuggleBugs
Я покупала свои на

*Важно - если планируете, что малыш будет носить долго, то покупайте сразу размер Медиум - или 12.5 inches.

7. Гомеопатические Капли

Не могу с полной точностью сказать насколько эффективны, но все же малышу я давала и ему капельки нравились. Тем более, что состав натуральный. Продаются в аптеках без рецепта. 

Пробовала эти:

А как вы помогаете малышу? Напишите мне в комментариях помогли ли эти средства. Всем удачи и легких зубов!

Friday, 14 August 2015

Choose Yourself

I recently read a book "Choose Yourself" by James Altucher. In today's world, I could not agree more with the author, to choose yourself every single day. I am guilty of choosing something else out of convenience or trying to please everyone. I choose me.

Monday, 15 September 2014

What to Do with Kids - Fall Edition

This is a continuation of my seasonal posts on family and children's activities. Fall is so much fun - the colours like no other season - warm hues of orange, yellow, and red. The season inspires me to bake (with cinnamon, hello baked apples or pies) and prepare homy meals to cozy up the family during somewhat cooler days. I even compared fall to autumn flowers in my last year's post.

Fall brings out and marries perfect combinations of rain,  puddles, and rain boots; chilli and rice; butternut squash, pumpkins, and pies; baked apples and vanilla ice cream.

So what are family favourite bucket things to do?


1. Visit Canada Army Run - Kids zone and equipment display - the interactive area will be filled with fun activities for kids and families.
Saturday, September 20 – 9 a.m. – 6:00 p.m
Sunday, September 21 – 7 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

2. Richmond Fair - Sep. 18-21, 2014

3. Carp Fair - Sep. 25-28, 2014

4. Apple Picking at a local orchard - check out this Agritourism Guide for Ottawa

5. Pumpkin Picking at a patch

6. Pumpkin Festival at Proulx Farm October

7. Haunting Season at Saunders Farm Sep. 27 - Nov. 2

8. Jump in the leaves

9. Visit local ranch for some horse or pony rides - Captiva farms

INSIDE (for those rainy days)

1. Sign up for Fall or Halloween themed cooking class with PC Cooking School

2. Create any fall related fall craft - just google "easy fall craft kids"

3. Make a pumpkin or apple pie

4. Take crayons and some of your favorite leaves and layer the leaves between pages of paper. Rub on the pages with a crayon to see the leaf pattern emerge..

5. Indulge in some seasonal coffee at Starbucks

6. Attend a library or free program at OPL

7. Enjoy an indoor pool


And here are a great list of:
FREE things to do in Ottawa with kids.
Mostly free family fun ideas

 Enjoy the season!

Monday, 8 September 2014

33 Weeks - September 9, 2014 - Baby Size of Pineapple

Aren't these Halloween Themed outfits from Gymboree totally adorable?

I love it when time goes fast when you need it to. I will be on official and much needed maternity leave in 5 weeks, yay! The to do lists are piling on and my urge to do something different is really kicking in.

How far along? 33 weeks

Baby's Position: Bum down

Baby Heart Rate: 145

Tummy circumference: 108 cm

Blood Pressure: 108/68

Total weight: 73kg (initial 61kg)

Maternity clothes? Yes, all bottoms and tops. I am so lucky that this September is still warm and I can still wear my maxi dresses and skirts.

Stretch marks? Yep, all over tummy.

Sleep: Very good, given toddler David finally adjusted to his new bed and room and now sleeps well.

Best moment this week:
Not so great moment: When I went to my doctor and he confirmed that baby is positioned bum down. I am doing all kinds of exercises to try and move him, including hands and knees, standing on my head, and lifted hips. 

Miss Anything? A glass of wine

Movement: Yes, every day, and in evenings when I lie down.

Food cravings: Salty chips

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not much really.

Gender: It's a Boy!

Belly Button in or out? A little out.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Both, although I do feel a little more energized now than a month before.

Looking forward to: Our baby boy flip head down! (and some newborn shopping)

Check out my previous posts on this pregnancy here.

School Lunches, Snacks, Homework Stations

Can you believe school started already? As in previous years, HERE I described how I revamped my daughter's lunch box and included great lunch and snack ideas. We have consistently used her Bento lunch box and Foogo food jar by Thermos.

This year, I also purchased this spare lunch bag (she loves Sofia):
and this sandwich kit from Rubbermaid:


And here are some great organizing ideas for food.

Snack and Lunch Bins


Packing Healthy Lunch and Snack

Homework Organization and Stations


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

To Do Before Baby's Arrival


As I approach the arrival of Baby #3, lists of things to get done start circulating more rapidly in my head. First of all, we need to book a trip to Paris, France... Just kidding. That will have to wait for another couple of years.

Now to the real list.

Some of our to do's include:

Shared Kids room:
- move Dana and David into the same room
- hang drapes - most likely THESE from IKEA
- hang wall light fixtures - maybe these, again IKEA
- hang shelving and wall hooks

Kids Bathroom:
- install wall hooks for towels

- think about names!
- new double stroller
- new infant car seat and install the base
- another monitor?
- humidifier
- green chemical-free diapers - newborn and size 1

- cook and freeze a few meals in advance, I am hoping for 10
- pack hospital bag
- schedule home duct cleaning