Tuesday, 8 January 2013

My Magic Moment

The cool thing about blogs is that they serve as a diary. Really, I could not remember my weight in August. And here, it was 63kg. I have not updated the blog for a couple of months on my weight progress, however I surely was stepping on a scale at least weekly. Oh the journey, I could even remember where I started...

Today, when my son is 8 months old, I proudly say that my weight is 61kg (134.5lbs). Achieving this is no different than watching what I eat and constantly moving (housework, kids, walks, gym). But I also noticed how my mindset has changed during the process. My husband (no matter what my weight was and how terrible I felt in my own skin) always told me that I looked amazing. He loved me and still loves me for what I am. I always thought to myself, well he is probably just comforting me so that I don't feel so bad. And it made me feel even more angry. At the same time he was encouraging me (he is sports and fitness addict) to get in shape and feel great about myself.

Over time, I realized that this was my magic moment. While I was not sure what helped me (and no, I am still aiming for my 54kg goal by April), it was his support and love that became so apparent above all. Not just my diet and exercise. Without him, I would not have done it. 

Did you ever feel like you needed this support to progress? Did anyone ever motivate you?

PS. Above - picture with my daughter Dana (and her hotdog) in Montreal in December 2012.

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