Monday, 25 February 2013

Oscars Fab

I have to admit that watching Oscars is a two-fold experience for me. On one side, I love looking at pretty and glamorous ladies. Oh and that decor, the stage, the music, the anticipation! On the other side,  I feel so small and under-achieved compared to all of these stars. Who am I and what am I doing? No, I don't want an Oscar for my work. But am I influencing and inspiring others like they do?

These were the thoughts in my mind after watching Oscars last night with my mom. Actually, this is an annual Oscars girls only tradition with my mom. I come over to her place, we make  some drinks and food, and watch, and talk, and discuss favourites for the whole evening... I went to bed very late compared to my usual 10-30pm, but I was filled with warm feelings from spending real, girlfriend-type  time with my mom. We were not running around kids, nor cooked or cleaned, we simply indulged in a beautiful evening with a cozy fireplace light beside us.

I also had another thought after the show. Wow, many of these women are moms too! And some have even 3 children. And some are older than 50, but look so stunning. I know, the powers of cosmetic interventions can be endless. But how about looking beyond that? I listened carefully to every speech of every winner. And every single one of them thanked their husband, the love of their life. It would not be possible to achieve what they did without them. I could really see happiness of love in their eyes. And this is what made them so beautiful.

 So here they are, my top best dressed women, moms, ladies of last night.

Jennifer Lawrence - best actress winner in Dior.

Amy Adams. Her dress remind me of a wedding dress.

Catherine Zeta-Jones. Golden lady.

Charlize Theron. Simply stunning.

Jennifer Garner. This colour, wow.

Expecting Jenna Dewan

Quvenzhane Wallis. Youngest best actress Oscar nominee - only 9 years old!

Beautiful Naomi Watts

Youthful Reese Witherspoon after 3rd baby!

Love the colour and detailing of Zoe Saldana's dress
What about you? Did you watch the Oscars? Does anyone inspire you?

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