Wednesday, 13 March 2013

That Scary Eczema

It breaks my heart to see any kinds of skin rashes. Especially on my baby boy. Especially on his face (left cheek). And especially if it is not going away for 6 months.

We have seen the doctor. The diagnosis was Eczema. The worst part is that no one knows why it flares up and how to effectively cure it. It could be allergens, food reactions, detergents, dry air, and so on. Most of advice on-line or elsewhere is that it clears up by 3 years old in 90% of children. Well, I am not waiting for 3 years! It is itching, and surely bothers my little angel to the point of bleeding scratches.

The doc prescribed Hydrocortizone cream - lowest dosage 0.5%. While it did help after 1 week of application, the rash reappeared within days. No thanks, I will not be using more of steroid hormones on my baby.

Other treatments we have tried so far:
- Aveeno oatmeal bath
- oatmeal moisturizer
- vitamin E oil
- natural moisturizers

Nothing seemed to really help for months. Filled with frustration to the point "enough is enough", I went to Natural Food Pantry store. The associate recommended Calendula cream and a more expensive Eczema cream by AOR ($40 for 50g). I went with the Eczema cream. Let me tell you, within 2 days we see a very good improvement. I am keeping my fingers crossed and looking forward to the scary eczema's going away party in a week.

What were your experiences? Did anything else help or did you just wait?

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