Sunday, 29 September 2013

Autumn Flowers

Whenever I think of autumn (or fall season), maple (I'm from Canada, eh) tree leaves come to mind in a myriad of shades from green, to bright red or mahogany, and spark orange.

I also dig cinnamon Starbucks latte, and my version of pumpkin pie less the crust (pumpkin puree with mascarpone, dash of maple syrup, cinnamon, and nutmeg. pure and delicious.)

What's not to love about autumn? I am not such a fan of Halloween - cold evening with under dressed kids in costumes and sugar overload?. No thanks. But what I love most is what a beautiful organic background our nature provides us every year to immerse in colours and take photos. Like no other time of the year.

Autumn is such a great season to bring the whole family together, walk in the park or hike, play with leaves, and have a butternut squash soup. One of my family's favourites. You don't have to wait until winter holidays to get together, this yet mild and cheerful season welcomes you.

These are some snapshots from my life from the last couple of years.

Here is my 6 month old daughter surrounded by mums and leaves.

My fresh fall arrangement, 2011

Beautiful trees at a local farm last year

My farmer's flowers fall arrangement

Pumpkins anyone?

Pumpkins at our front door last year

My fall wreath
Our engagement photo session, 2011
Baby David's 1st Halloween Oct. 2012

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