Thursday, 16 January 2014

Winter Activities - January, February, March

If you dread long winter, you may begin to get into gloomy state once holiday season season is over and all the sparkly things are gone. But it does not have to be. Some of my cheerful thoughts are that the days are finally getting longer after winter Solstice on December 22nd. When I leave work, it is actually light outside. Yay!
On the other hand, living in Ottawa means another 3-4 months of cold, slushiness, and salt everywhere. And those strong winds.
After compiling a list of ideas for activities in winter and described what we actually did here, I thought it was time to revisit the topics almost two years later. I personally find that if I plan out activities, the winter time goes by that much funner and faster.


  • Skates and syrup on Ottawa Canal
  • Ottawa Winterlude Festival - February
  • Cross-country and downhill ski - Gatineau Park, trails or other ski resort in nearby area
  • Tubing, if you have not tried, now is the time
  • Tobogganing
  • Sleigh (or Wagon) rides - try here 
  • Visit Maple Syrup Sugar Bush - March (here is a listing)


I want to be a sane mama, so my inside activities include "me time"

March Break

  • Great ideas for the whole family
  • Activities and camps
What are your thoughts? Do you ever plan activities or go with the flow?
PS. did you watch Wolf of Wall Street? DiCaprio was nominated for Oscar's Best Actor.

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