Tuesday, 12 August 2014

To Do Before Baby's Arrival


As I approach the arrival of Baby #3, lists of things to get done start circulating more rapidly in my head. First of all, we need to book a trip to Paris, France... Just kidding. That will have to wait for another couple of years.

Now to the real list.

Some of our to do's include:

Shared Kids room:
- move Dana and David into the same room
- hang drapes - most likely THESE from IKEA
- hang wall light fixtures - maybe these, again IKEA
- hang shelving and wall hooks

Kids Bathroom:
- install wall hooks for towels

- think about names!
- new double stroller
- new infant car seat and install the base
- another monitor?
- humidifier
- green chemical-free diapers - newborn and size 1

- cook and freeze a few meals in advance, I am hoping for 10
- pack hospital bag
- schedule home duct cleaning

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