Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Lucky Charms

I am not superstitious. But ever since my husband got me a charm bracelet from Pandora for last year's Birthday, I wear it to any important and special event. Be it doctor appointment, exam, holiday party, my daughter's dance performance or just a day when I am not feeling myself. You know, when you wake up and step on the wrong foot, or nothing seems to work right, even bad hair day. Women seem to have these. My bracelet makes me feel calmer and protected somehow. Plus it gives an amazing opportunity for others in my family to give me charms as gifts for special occasions.

All charms (or beads rather) are silver and I like to keep them that way. But every charm has a special meaning. Here are some of my favourites.

My brother "hedgy"

Feeling groovy

Daughter D

Love knot
Zen feeling

Endless love - from husband

My whole family

My Dad

My passion for flowers

My Mom

My Parents-in-law

I think every woman and mom should have a lucky charm or item. Do you have any?

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