Tuesday, 10 July 2012

2 Months Progress (or Not)

The update on my journey to my pre-baby weight of 54kg (see my 1st post below). When I stepped on scale 2 months after I had baby David I was in shock. I was still 65 kg (145 lbs) - same weight as 6 weeks postpartum. How could it be? Is my scale lying? I am breastfeeding (burning at least 500 calories/day), maintaining healthy gluten free diet, staying active, etc. Our boy is gaining at least 30g per day, so I must be losing some. So I decided to step up a bit - cardio, weight, and yoga classes at Goodlife; drink more water, and eliminate all gluten foods. To make me feel better, I looked at my pregnancy belly (39 weeks). Oh so cute. Tough work ahead to get those extra pounds off to make my belly cute again!

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