Saturday, 7 July 2012

How One Mama Decided To Lose It

This is a true image of Fab Mama. I would like you to join me in my journey to a healthy road to my pre-pregnancy weight. I will post updates, pictures, and tips on what is working or not working for me. I hope this will be your learning source (perhaps) and my personal motivation booster. Some stats to begin with: pre-pregnancy weight - 55kg (121lbs); weight at 41 weeks - 78.5kg (173lbs); weight at 4 weeks postpartum - 66kg (146lbs). What I have done so far: breastfeeding; no gym; walks with stroller every other day; running around house doing laundry; no sugar/sweets (or very limited); no gluten grains; lots of water - about 2L or more; lots of raw vegetables/fruit (excluding bananas and grapes). Disclaimer: pls consult your Dr before trying any of my exercise/diet changes.

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