Thursday, 4 July 2013

Summer Body Shop Order

I used to buy quite a lot of makeup and skincare products just because I liked them. I did not put too much thought into the purchase, the opportunity presented itself at a store and that cute eye shadow or funky nail polish was mine.

Not so much these days. I consciously constrain myself to limit until I absolutely need (read 'desperately want') or run out of something. After watching too many beauty blogs on YouTube, I have come to a conclusion that I actually need less and I will get more. (Ok, I admit, I am a little addicted to beauty video blogs, just check out awesome Classisinternal and you will see what I mean. Doesn't she look like Anne Hathaway and Audrey Hepburn in one?)

For starters, how many shades of blush do you really need? Does anyone even notice that different more peachy as opposed to pinkish hue? Same with eye shadows. There are really only 3 palettes - cool tones (bleu, violets, pinks), warm (browns, greens, creams), and neutrals (beige, grey, etc.).

So, with all that in mind, I placed my summer order. I mentioned here that I was super anxious to get it.

So what did I buy?

Radiant Highlighter
It's perfect to cheer up your face when it just gives out the "tired look" after sleepless nights or too many hours at work. The best part - you don't need a lot to get a great impact.

Tea Tree Face Mask
I have not tried it, but I got a couple for my mom and I. We will apply them at the cottage this summer when we do our mini spa day.
Brow & Liner Kit in Brown/Brunette
My old brow shadow has been broken into pieces for such a long time. I researched a few before I settled on this one. And what an amazing product. Just define your eyebrows and your face feels already framed and polished. Loving it.

Mini Camomile Eye Makeup Remover
I have the full size version already. This one is for travel. This is most amazing and non-irritating eye makeup remover I ever used. Enough said.

Mineral Powder Blotting Tissues
For those hot and sticky summer days. Reapplying makeup or powder is not always in the cards. These tissues are perfect for quick touch ups.
Honey Bronze Gel For Face
This was my most anticipated item of the order. It gives that perfect sun kissed glow. Not too much and not too orange.
What do you think? Have you tried any of these from Body Shop or other brands?


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