Monday, 5 August 2013

Motherhood Life Helpers

This month was very busy for me. We had lots of family Birthdays (including mine on 31st), packing and preparing for the upcoming 2 week vacation, plus doing some house purchases (on that later) and dealing with deliveries and some damaged items (urr).

I could not imagine my life as a mother without certain items. They are my helpers and save me time and time again. I would not be able to survive 50 years ago. Or perhaps, my life would so much simpler.

I wanted to share my top life helpers. They keep my sanity. I can trust them and rely on them every single day along with these household savers that I already wrote about.

1. My car (with remote starter and tinted windows). I am not fond of its design, to be honest I think the front is very ugly. But.  It is amazing on gas. It drives well and smooth. Excellent in winter. It never had a problem in 4 years with regular maintenance. For a small SUV, it fit so much, items you could never imagine - drywall, lots of boxes with tile, single mattress, crib, huge TV, large painting canvas, and so on.   I am a little sad to say goodbye this year (my lease is over).

2. Samsung HE washer/dryer Duo. Love you guys. You are my everyday savers. (Am I addressing my appliances?)  Love the option of time delay, you can just put laundry in, and the wash cycle starts automatically.

3. NEW fridge (by Samsung as well). We just bought it this month from Future Shop, and I cannot be happier. Seriously, this is how a fridge can make me feel. Our old fridge (top freezer) is in the garage, excellent backup storage. The old Frigidaire ("kindly" provided by our builder) was so not well designed, freezer was awkward, shelves made of wire so everything leaked from top to bottom, loud noise, and so on.  No more climbing inside the fridge by baby David.
I did not think I would like French door model. But so far so good. And absolutely love LED lights, bottom freezer (with roll out shelving), glass shelves, and even ice maker!
4. iPhone. Internet, email, Google Maps, Calendar, appointments, music, and so much more. I still have the old 3GS, but it works just fine. Cannot leave without it.

5. Did I mention my husband? My biggest life helper, cannot live without him.
Here are some beautiful August flowers that caught my eye today.
Do you have life helpers? 

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