Sunday, 17 November 2013

Planned and Done

Some weekends are more productive than other I must admit. Some weeks, I may have lots planned, and nothing accomplished. It takes self-motivation and encouraging my husband to get our team together and get all those to-do's finally done! Not easy. Coordinating my husband's rotating weekend work, kids' naps, and even some adult time is always a balancing act.

In my head, come Friday, and I am go-go-go excited for the two days ahead. But our moods and even weather can influence us as to what we actually do. Half the time I just give up and do nothing. Well, not really nothing, but you know what I mean. Just cook, play, run around and pick up mess and toys, go outside, and relax during nap time (oh, and run that dishwasher).

Somehow this weekend was an exception, I blame good weather (+10 in November, hello?) and tons of "husband, can you help me with this it would be really great?"

Here is what we did (or crammed into our 2 days off):

1. Mowed front and backyard lawns, covered BBQ and A/C for winter, cleaned outside toys and put everything away.

2. On our way to the pool, saw Santa Parade, and detoured there instead with kids (the sunny day was perfect to be spent outside and not in the indoor pool). They loved it. We love it too, and so much free chocolate and candy!

3. I finally planted daffodils and tulips for spring and mulched the flower bed. SO excited to see them peaking in April.

4. Went to French bakery and picked up a delicious berry cake.

5. Cooked duck, brown rice, made a salad and had dinner with the in-law family.

6. Sorted and organized most of our toys. Wow, I am impressed.

7. I started ordering Christmas gifts for the family, this year I am doing something personalized.

How was your weekend?


  1. I can definitely get stuck in a weekend routine too! I am so glad that you guys had a great weekend. You definitely did a lot of fun things!

    1. Thank you Ashley. I am surprised with myself )