Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Happy Skin, Soul, and Makeup - Part 1

Lately, I have been reading a lot of books and research on the topics of skin and brain ageing and skin care. The topic is so fascinating with so many facets and different opinions. If you are interested please comment below and I will post my favourite books on this.
No matter how much I have read, with a few variations, most of the researchers conclude that good skin and healthy ageing (not accelerated) comes down to internal and external factors. Genetics are about 50% and something we cannot change. The rest is what we put into our body (internally - hello smoking, coffee, even stress!) and how environment such as sun, air quality, water, pollution (external) affect our skin and body.

Based on some reviews and my own experience, I am presenting top skin care, makeup, and soul products. Most of them are very affordable yet add so much impact to the happy skin and happy soul. I like to use words such as care, natural beauty, and enhancement as opposed to coverage or masking.

I am committed to gracious ageing!

Products for My 5-minute Makeup (literally)

(but really, you can use any small angled brush)

(you can throw away the little brush, but the product is amazing)

(I use blush brush for bronzer and powder as well)
Stay tuned for Parts 2 and 3 where I will post skincare and aroma products. 

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