Thursday, 3 April 2014

My Chinese Portrait

Have you ever done your Chinese portrait?
The principle is simple: it's a set of questions which you answer about yourself. But the answers must be spontaneous!

So what would you be?
My portrait is below.

If I were a colour, I would be...... blue

If I were a fruit I would be ..... juicy semi-sweet apple

If I were a season, I would be .... late spring (beautiful blossoms)

If I were an animal, I would be .... a tiny mouse

If I were an insect, I would be .... a lady bug (simply adorable polka dots)

If I were a country, I would be ... Spain

If I were a town, I would be ... Kiev (vibrant capital of Ukraine)

If I were a natural phenomenon, I would be.... summer rain (nothing more anticipated and refreshing in hot months)

If I were a month, I would be ... June

If I were a place, I would be ... waterfall

If I were a job, I would be ... designer (flowers or interior)

If I were a word, I would be .... alegria ("joy" in Spanish)

If I were a transport, I would be .... a train (have been fascinated with  trains since childhood)

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