Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Summer Family Activities and Coupons (as Usual)

So back at the beginning of April I posted about Spring activities, but lately weather has been really taking its summer personality. So I think we are officially done with spring and now can get onto planning our short and sweet summer.

Last June, I already posted this great LIST.

And here is my list for this year.

1. Take every opportunity to be outside. This past long winter made me realize that we should not take warm days for granted, even if it is raining. So I encourage my family to get outside every weekend, and every weeknight, be it in the park, playground, by the lake or in our backyard.

2. Plan fun summer. And there are plenty of ways to make it such - water parks, zoos, splash pads, picnics, day trips to other close cities, forests and trails.

3. Get in touch with the countryside. We are so urbanized and store reliant, that we lose sight of where it all really begins. I want my children to appreciate and to learn that most of our food comes from hard working people on the farms. Hence visits to berry and vegetable farms, local produce markets, and animal farms.

4. Unleash your freedom. I want to do something completely liberating, like running with kids in the fields, watching air planes, water hose fights, or star gazing at night.

5. Savour pure and fresh. Summer foods are at their best in the summer! Watermelons, peaches, nectarines, cherries, local cukes and tomatoes, herbs, farm berries, and corn will be on or menu while in season. We must overload on them now, there will be no more of this goodness in colder months.

6. Read and reflect. I want to read something breezy but philosophical this summer.

PS. Check out Ontario Fun Pass with load of activity coupons (it will be updated for 2014 in June), Ottawa Summer Fun Guide, and great Groupon for a rainy day at the Museum of Nature.

What are your summer plans?

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