Monday, 21 July 2014

A Day in the Sun, Beach, Pool: What to Pack for Baby, Toddler or Kids

With summer sunny days finally here in Canada, we strive to get outdoors with every warm and blissful opportunity of mother nature. Lately, it seems that I pack or re-pack almost every other day - be it a day at the beach or outing to the pool.

I decided to create a reference list of essentials to pack for travelling with babies, toddlers, or kids. This list is designed for only up to a full day of being outside, obviously you need to bring more items for overnight/weekend trips.

Getting There - In the Car/Bus (assume travel time under 2 hrs):

- fun music - we love our SiriusXM
- water and mess-free quick snacks for all - cut apples, grapes, raisins, cheese, cereal, fish crackers
- light blankets - in case A/C is too cold in the back
- VERY few toys (I have made a mistake of taking small toys and then trying to get them from the floor because of inevitable drops, and child screaming)
- two books for each child, hopefully something they have not seen for a while so that they get more reading en route
- colouring activity may work - I have black leather interior (very durable), otherwise stay away

Sun/Beach/Bug Time

- sun hats
- sun glasses
- camping chairs
- beach blanket, I like this one Tuffo Water-Resistant Outdoor Blanket with Carrying Case, Stripe
- beach umbrella - only if you know that there will be no shade
- UVA/UVB sunscreen
- bug repellant; try Off! Active Aerosol Insect Repellant-9 Oz.

Meal Time

- baby food, plate, spoon, bib
- napkins/tissues; wipes
- hand sanitizer
- wheeled cooler tote and ice pack (wheeled so that your older kids can help)
- cutlery, small plates, cups
- sharp knife (if you are bringing watermelon)
- bottled water
- picnic food (sandwiches/wraps, veggies)
- snacks, fruit
- 2 plastic bags (for garbage)

Water and Sand Fun

- swimsuits
- beach towels
- non-potty trained - swim diapers (1 for every 2 hours)
- baby - infant float device (with cover); toddler - swim float;
child (non-swimmer) - Swim Steps Learn to Swim or life jacket
- water shoes; crocs
- goggles
- water toys - ball, noodles, kickboard, inflatables
- sand toys - I keep them to minimum - 2 small buckets, 2 shovels, small watering can
- games - volleyball, frisbee, or badminton
- large ziploc or other plastic bags for wet swimsuits and towels

Nap Time

- favourite blanket/toy
- stroller (I also use it for transporting all the stuff from car) or small tent
- soother or bottle

Bathroom Time

- diapers or pull-ups - baby - 2 for every hour; toddler - 5-6 per day
- wipes, change pad, small diaper cream

Just in Case
- at least 1 change of clothes for all
- small first aid kit

How to Pack it All?

- beautiful ideas here
- utility tote
- reusable shopping bags or bins

And always pack the night before (when kids are asleep) to keep your sanity on the morning of the departure.

My daughter acting as a lifeguard


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