Sunday, 16 June 2013

Little Luxury of Life

Spending a whole day with my husband felt like a luxury. Especially at this magnificent hideaway from every day life, Spa Nordik. Ask me 10 years ago, I would have said that it was nothing crazy. But now, with children, house, full-time job, and business, this was a true indulgence. No phone, Internet, or any connection to the world. I almost felt guilty for taking a day off and spending the day this way. It was such a break to the point that I had to consciously make my mind stop working through thoughts and worries. I did plan for it, but nothing like this.

At first, we just were breathless from looking at the mountains in the infinity pool. He told me to try to take it all in and relax. We both stopped talking. Embracing all this after a long tiresome year was not easy. We then proceeded to aroma sauna. Shhh, quiet. Calm and softly I cleaned my mind. Nothing else. Just him and I, in unity with body, soul, and nature. Under cold, almost burning, waterfall after sauna. Release of toxins and negative energy. Fresh green tea. By the fire, inhaling the cedar fumes. In wet sauna, peaceful cleanse with eucalyptus. On a lounge under the sun and pure air. Falling asleep in hammocks under the trees. This is my "plaisir de vivre."

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